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The Gettysburg Address:  

a symbolic calligraphy                                 

We are a fellowship of artists , scientists,

and algorithms

in search of what is improbable, impossible, 

or unknowable.

Our first collection, The Gettysburg Address: a symbolic calligraphy is on display now.

This work of generative art comprises 287 monochrome or grayscale pieces,  each  renders  the Gettysburg Address using a  synthetic alphabet of linear, brush-stroked, or painterly symbols. Each composition maintains correspondence with the  exact wording of the historic speech, while defying the English-speaking viewer to assert its readability.  

The invisible part of this work is the calligraphy engine that produced the entire collection. We consider the crafting of  TOSCA (tommasoangelo's symbolic calligraphy algorithm) an integral part of this work itself. TOSCA's instructions try to capture the conflict between the infinite expressiveness of scripts when confronted with the discipline of a textual source. 

forma dat esse

                          St. Thomas Aquinas

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Tommasoangelo's creative process is influenced by the processes and practices of the sciences (the majority of our artists are professional scientists). Reason and method are at the service of artistic discovery and merit study and attention on its own.

Many pieces from out collection are offered for purchase as NFTs in digital art marketplaces.  You can find more information about individual items in the Galleria section of this site, and by following our social media feeds.

anima est quodammodo omnia


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